If your order number begins with BML, you are on our new site at Box Mountain LLC.  

You should be able to make any changes from your account page.  You can pause, cancel, change product, change address, change billing, etc.  

Access your account login at https://boxmountainllc.com/account

You will need to create a new account to be able to access your subscription on this site.  

If it says email already exists and will not let you login or reset your password, we will need to manually reset this for you and you can send us a message asking for that.  

If you are on the new Box Mountain site and trying to change the product on your subscription, you may need to contact us to make that change for you as we are still working through some configuration issues.  

If you activate your account and still do not see your information, you may still be on the old site.  

If your most recent order does not begin with BML, you are still on one of our old sites and can access using instructions in this section.


Here are the account access links for the old sites:

PLEASE DO NOT REACTIVATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON THE OLD SITE.  We're trying to encourage all to move to the new site.

Maker Box is at https://makerbox.cratejoy.com/customer/login

Cryptid Crate is at https://cryptid-crate.cratejoy.com/customer/login

Pips Mountain is at https://pipsmountain.cratejoy.com/customer/login